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Welcome to a.myrah Gift Certificates. You can purchase a Gift Certificate and gift it to a nominee to redeem on the website.

How an a.myrah Gift Certificate works:

Step 1: Select the value of the Gift Certificate and enter the name and e-mail ID of the nominee.

Step 2: The nominee will receive a mail from us stating that he/she has been gifted a Certificate and his/her account will be credited with the value of the certificate.

If the nominee is a member, the system will recognize their e-mail ID. Their account will automatically be credited with that value.If the nominee is not a member, the system will register them on the website using their e-mail ID. Their account will then be automatically credited with the value of the Gift Certificate.

Step 3: When the nominee logs into the website and chooses products, the total value of their purchase will appear at the time of checking out.

If the total value exceeds the credit available, the nominee will have to pay the difference.If the total value is less than the credit available, the balance amount will remain in their account for future purchases.

Gift Certificate for Rs.2500/-


Gift Certificate for Rs.5000/-


Gift Certificate for Rs.7500/-


Gift Certificate for Rs.10000/-


Gift Certificate for Rs.12500/-


Gift Certificate for Rs.15000/-